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Valensole - story of love

Valensole came into being after my husband asked me to design and knit a shawl for him to use exclusively during a photo shoot weekend in Provence’s Lavender fields. He so wanted it to be perfect, that he required me to use the colors he had chosen… Yellow and white creating the perfect contrast to the lavender colored flowers. How could I refuse?



Valensole is an asymmetrical shawl worked flat. Beginning at one end, the discreet increases and decreases give it its characteristic shape. Valensole begins at one corner. Increases are made on both sides and on each row. These are counterbalanced by the central decrease on the right side, it exists all along the shawl and help distinguish the left from the right side. The alternating use of garter stitch, reverse stockinette and lace makes Valensole stimulating to work as well as giving you some breaks for mindless knitting.


Yarn, yardage and notion

Artfil Solo in Sunflower and White Sand are used in the sample. 
I used the totality of Sunflower and 95g of White Sand.

US6 needle are recommended. Long cable is better if they are circular. 
Tapestry Needle.



Valensole uses the majority of the yarn from both skeins. I strongly recommend doing at least 2 swatches: One for the garter stitch pattern and one for the Rayon pattern. Measured over 4” (10cm):

  • Garter stitch: 17 stitches and 23 rows.
  • Lavandin: 17 stitches and 26 rows.
  • Rayon: 20 stitches and 20 rows.


Working the Yarn Over

The lavandin stitch is worked between purled and knitted stitches. 
Depending how the working yarn is thrown and worked on the wrong side, the eyelet might close.

Please, take a moment to look into the appendix, try the lavandin stitch and see how you work the yarn over ! 
The patterns has been tested.


  • Le patron est disponible en téléchargement et en format pdf.

    Le lien est actif pendant 30j.

    Les patrons étant aussi disponible sur Ravelry, un code de téléchargement peut être fournit sur demande.

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