Guacamole Socks

When working socks there are 3 struggle points:

  1. the cast-on,

  2. the increases

  3. the heel,

  4. knowing where, when, and how to do the heel.

Ok… That’s more than 3 points.

But that the reason for this pattern: having a model with all the different sections in different colors! It will guide you through the making of your first toe-up socks with the help of a very visual multicolor sock!

It's your time to choose: solid socks or multicolor ones ??


Yarn: Sock yarn, with at least 10% of nylon. With 100gr you can make an entire pair of socks.

Notions: US size 2 (2.75 or 3mm), circular or DPN. Markers. Gauge: 30sts & 42 rows in 4” stockinette stitch in the round with US2. Dimensions:

  • Foot length: 8¾; 9¼; 10 ; 10¼ (10¾; 11¼ ; 11¾)” [22 ; 23,5 ; 25 ; 26,5 (27,5 ; 28,5 ; 30)cm].

  • Ball of the foot: 7 ; 7¼ ; 7¾ ; 8¼ (8½ ; 9; 10)” [17,5 ; 18,5 ; 20 ; 20,5 (22 ; 23 ; 25)cm] at the widest point.


If you are using the magic loop, make sure your number of stitches must be precisely split in 2.

The first half of the stitches is used for the instep (top of foot), while the other half is for the sole. In this pattern, I like to have the first needle (the beginning of the round with the marker) as “Instep” while second needle will be the “sole”. This difference is important once we reach the gusset (purple), the heel extension (yellow) and the heel (peach).

If you’re making your socks with 1 color, place a bell marker after each section to make the row count easier and finish with similar socks!

Begin by weighing your yarn at the beginning of the project and regularly once you are past the heel. The pattern is written for mid-height socks so if you want similar height sock, stop the ribbing once you used half of the weight of your yarn (more details in concerned sections).


K: knit

M1Right: With left needle, pick up horizontal strand in between stitches from BACK to FRONT.

K1 in FRONT loop of st.

M1Left: With left needle, pick up horizontal strand in between stitches from FRONT to BACK.

K1 in BACK loop of st.

Nd1 & Nd2: needle 1 and 2.

PM: place marker

Rep.: repeat

P: purl